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Utah Water Damage Cleanup

Flooding is horrible and it does not matter whether it is from a natural disaster, the sewer backed up, or a pipe burst in your wall the water damage can really cause some serious damage in your home. It can continue to do damage after the water is gone because there is likely moisture still in the areas affected by water that you may not know about. This means that you may dry out your home and get rid of the water and go about your daily routines without knowing that there is moisture creating issues in your floors and walls.

Moisture in your home can be a bad situation and you will not even likely know that it is there which makes it even more dangerous especially if it is leading to mold. If you have had any flooding in your home recently it is a good idea to get a professional to come in and check your home for any unseen hidden moisture to make sure that you and your family are safe.

Utah Mold Testing And Removal

Any time you have experienced flooding in your home, whether it is your basement or throughout the rest of your house, you will likely experience some mold. Sometimes you may have to replace flooring and parts of your walls in order to get rid of the mold that is often associated with large flood events. It can be difficult to completely dry out your home after water damage without the proper equipment. This is why you may have to replace parts of your home to fully get rid of the mold or the possibilities of mold.

A mold inspection is the first step in removing the mold. An inspection can possibly find hidden water damage you are unaware of. A leak behind a wall may not show visible signs of mold until the wall is removed. We have the experience and the tools to find that hidden mold on your property.

Utah Fire & Smoke Damage Cleanup

Without warning, in the blink of an eye, a dryer vent, gas, or electrical fire can destroy and consume everything a homeowner owns. Forming a contingency plan should be a priority; not only in terms of evacuation plans for the family, but also protecting important documents such as birth certificates, insurance papers, etc.

If the fire damage is severe, the area should be quarantined off, either by a disaster recovery specialist or by the fire department. It is helpful to learn about fire damage, but don’t try to figure everything out on your own. Consult a fire damage restoration specialist before you get your insurance company involved.

Utah Air Duct Cleaning

When your air ducts are over run with dust mites and other allergens it can have an impact on your health and it can also affect the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. Even if you clean your home daily if you do not clean your air ducts your HVAC system may be pushing more dust and allergens into your home.

Your air ducts may be a lot dirty than you think. All of the dust mites, bacteria, pollen, dander, skin flakes, and hair both human and pet can be found in your air ducts. This is why it is so important to clean your air ducts and to do it properly. As the air gets circulated throughout your home it is depositing these allergens throughout your home. This can lead to you and other family member developing allergies or even asthma. When you are ready to clean your air ducts, give us a call.

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