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Fire Damage Cleanup Lehi Utah Services

Fires are one of the most if not the most devastating thing that could happen to your home or property. After all, you won’t just have to deal with what the fire completely destroyed but also the smoke and water damage after the fire trucks leave. When it comes to fires, prevention is best and you should make sure to reduce the risk of any fires happening at your home. This includes ensuring your electrical system is well maintained as well as ensuring that your kitchen and especially stoves and other appliances are turned off after usage. However, accidents will happen and we will look at a few specific fire damage cleanup Lehi Utah services that we offer.

Fire Damaged Carpet & Upholstery

When it comes to cleaning and removing smoke as well as smoke odors from your carpet, it is quite a difficult job that you won’t be able to do on your own. Our experienced professionals will be able to completely evaluate the type and severity of the damage to your carpets and choose the best cleaning methods and solutions to restore them. We not only have the best professional grade cleaning solutions but also the best commercial cleaning equipment to ensure your carpets are restored to almost brand new. Also, if there is any water damage, then this will also have to be addressed in addition to the fire and smoke damage.

Soot & Smoke Removal

After there has been a fire in your home, the remaining soot and smoke is a biohazard that needs to be eliminated before your home is safe to move back into. Smoke can damage your house in many different ways such as by discoloring your walls, tarnishing metal and appliances in your home, discoloring finishes and the soot and ash can cause damage and corrosion to all the items in your home. We will help to eliminate this situation by cleaning up the ash on the surface before it starts to spread, neutralize all odors, thoroughly clean all the items in your home that were damaged, deodorize carpets and curtains by using specific chemicals which help break up molecules in the smoke so that most odors are eliminated before dry cleaning.

Washing The Walls & Cabinets

After there has been a fire in your home, your walls and cabinets would most likely be damaged and stained to such a degree that regular soap and water won’t be able to clean them. We have specially formulated products that will thoroughly clean and deodorize them as well as remove any traces of soot and smoke.

Tarping & Board Up Services

One of the most immediate concerns you may have after a particularly destructive fire in your home, is that your home is now open to the elements as well as vulnerable to thieves. We offer extremely fast and efficient tarping and board up services which will quickly secure your home from any other threats. We will board up your walls, doors, broken windows as well as do tarping if you have a damaged roof. By doing this, it will prevent your home from suffering any further damage.

Clothing & Fabric Fire Damage Cleanup Lehi Utah

Lastly, your clothes and other items that you need for immediate use will most likely be damaged by all of the smoke and soot. We offer thorough cleaning for these items since a regular laundry service won’t work.

In closing, we have just looked at a few of the fire damage cleanup Lehi Utah services that we currently offer. Be sure to give us a call and you’ll be glad you did!

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