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Mold is a serious problem that often goes undetected, in large part because it prefers to grow in warm, moist environments. These places tend to be hidden in many homes, often giving the mold an opportunity to reproduce many times before it is discovered. We offer mold testing Layton Utah customers can depend on to identify the species and determine the best course of action to eradicate it from your home or office.

Often, our customers want to investigate mold growth when it is first discovered. However, this is generally a mistake. If you have mold, it is best to contact mold specialists immediately. We can come to your home and begin surveying the extent of the damage that has been done. Because mold multiplies by releasing spores into the air, it is vital that you don’t disturb the mold colonies that you have discovered.

Our mold testing Layton Utah service providers can remove a small amount of the mold without disrupting the spores and sending them into the rest of your home. Additionally, our technicians can advise you for how to protect yourself and your household until the results come back in. For instance, we will recommend that you close all vents and ducts leading to the room, because these sources can spread the spores throughout the entire building.

Whether you have a small mold colony lurking behind a piece of furniture or a huge growth in the back of an unused area, the spores could be dangerous, possibly even lethal. There are many different species of mold that grow throughout the country, and in Utah. Identification is an essential aspect of treatment to ensure that our team is able to provide the best way to get rid of it.

Once you have noticed the mold, you should close off the room and advise other members of the household to stay clear. Then, you can call our offices or contact us online to arrange for an appointment. One of our qualified technicians will come to your home and remove a sample before sending it off to the lab.

If you have mold growing in more than one place, we may need to take samples from each location. It is possible for one species to be living in the bathroom while another is taking over the corner of your basement.

Once we have collected the samples, you should still keep the areas safe from people and pets. Our technicians will send the samples to a mold testing laboratory. Once they have run the samples through a few tests to ensure proper identification, they will return the results to our office.

We will contact you to provide the results and suggest the best way to proceed. The extent of repair services will depend on multiple factors, including how long the mold has gone undetected and the materials that were being consumed. Mold must have organic matter to consume, so if it is growing in a place with a lot of “food” for it, the spores will multiply more rapidly than if there is less organic material for them to consume.

It is important to understand they can thrive on various things that you might not have realized. For instance, carpets, upholstery and even some paints provide everything necessary for mold to survive and thrive. Even dust in a warm moist environment is suitable for them!

If you suspect that you have mold, or have discovered a growth site, our mold testing Layton Utah services are worth the investment. We provide competitive pricing and personalized service to ensure all of our clients are completely satisfied with their experience! Contact us today to learn more.

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