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Mold Testing Services in Ogden, Utah

Mold testing services are available now to help you restore your home to its beautiful, normal and healthy condition. Do not wait. If your home has been involved in a fire or a flood, call today to get the home tested. If you have not experienced a disaster but have noticed what you believe to be mold in your home, now is the time to call the professionals at Utah Disaster Specialists to get your home tested.

Mold Is Everywhere

You are not to blame if mold does exist in your home. The cleanest home can still be subject to its growth due to moisture that can get in from roof or pipe leaks. Most any home or business has some mold in it because it grows everywhere.

It exists in the form of microscopic spores that float through the air. It gets in homes through the windows, the doors, and the HVAC vents. Mold inspections will search for all occurrences of mold. Once it has been found, it needs to be removed. The source of the moisture such as a pipe leak needs to be addressed or mold can come back.

If a home goes through a flood or other water damage situation, mold can grow in three days or less. This is why it is so important to hire a mold testing and remediation company right away.

What It Looks Like

Mold can be a green, yellow, black or bluish color. Black mold is the most toxic. This is also called Stachybotrys Atra or Stachybotrys chartarum. This is a type of mold that most people have heard about because it is serious and can contaminate larger surfaces nearly overnight. Its spores spread through the house fast. It does not need air alone to proliferate.

Most mold is found in obvious places where moisture resides. These places include under-sink areas or areas near the exterior of the home. Roofs are susceptible to mold because of being exposed to the elements.

Mold Testing

Whether you have had a flood or a fire or your Ogden Utah home or you find traces of it, it is important to get Utah Disaster Specialists in for an inspection. We will use their expertise to find any traces of mold in your home. We will then take any samples that we find and send them to laboratory facilities. The facility will take a mold spore count, report the findings and send the report over. The report discloses which types of mold there are and how much.

Not every type of mold is dangerous or life-threatening but it should be removed. Black mold can cause serious health problems. It can affect allergies and worsen asthma symptom but most any type will do this to a degree. When any type of mold grows in a home it poses a problem to the structure because it can eat away at the walls, floors or the ceiling.

If you need to work with your insurance company, Utah Disaster Specialists has the experience to do this for you. We will describe the situation to your insurer and will take care of all arrangements for your claim.

Try to maintain your plumbing, roof, and HVAC properly. This can help stop excess mold from growing. If there is mold in your home, do not delay in calling to get an inspection and testing done. Once these processes are complete, steps can be taken to remove it before it becomes a more severe problem.

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