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Although there are many problems that homeowners must face, one that is quite a problem for many is an issue with mold. Not only can it cause physical damage to the home, it is something that can affect our health in a number of different ways. In fact, mold problems in the home can lead to asthma symptoms, lethargy, and even depression. The problem is, an issue with mold is often overlooked and the symptoms you are experiencing will likely be diagnosed in the wrong way.

In the area of Park City, Utah, there are many homeowners who are dealing with a mold problem. In part, it is due to the fact that many homes are closed up so tightly in the winter that it doesn’t allow for the proper air exchange. In addition, anytime water infiltration is a problem, an issue with mold is likely to follow close behind it. Mold remediation is necessary to completely remove a mold problem but before that takes place, mold testing Park City Utah services are necessary. It can help to determine the extent of the issue and help to form a basis for any remediation that may take place.

One of the reasons why mold testing Park City Utah services may be necessary is for insurance purposes. Depending on why there is a mold problem, the remediation process might be covered under your insurance policy. In order for the insurance to pay out for our services, however, testing must take place to show the extent of the problem. We offer those services in a number of different ways. Understanding the way that mold testing takes place can go a long way in helping you to take the step of removing it from the home. Here are a few different types of mold testing that we might do in Park City.

Air Sampling

This is perhaps the most common type of mold testing and it provides an accurate overview of the spore count in the home. Insurance companies may include air sampling as a method of proving that there is a mold problem in the home. The air is tested inside of the home and then the spore count is compared to what is on the outside of the home.

Surface Sampling

This is another one of the mold testing Park City Utah options. Unlike air sampling, testing specific surfaces in the home helps to hone in on the problem and provides further proof of the issue. In some cases, it may even require removing some of the baseboard or other trim in the home if the problem is of particular concern in the area. Another method of surface sampling is dust sampling, and this can help to determine the overall spore count in the area as well.

Bulk Sampling

This third method of testing for mold looks into the contaminated area and looks at the mold spore count according to some bulk material that is removed from the home. Typically, it would be something, such as a piece of drywall or some trim. This is an accurate way to determine a mold problem according to something in the home.

One thing that is important to understand about mold testing is that it is not a free service. When we take any mold samples, they are sent out to a third party service for testing in a lab. This helps to identify the validity of the spore count. Fortunately, it is possible, in many cases, to get reimbursed for any mold testing if it is covered by your insurance.

Mold in Park City is a hazardous issue. If you have been affected by mold, contact us today so the testing process can begin.

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