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An Introduction To Our Mold Testing Provo Utah Special Services

We have been serving clients throughout the Provo, Utah, area and beyond to take care of various household concerns, including mold services. If you need mold testing Provo Utah residents trust for fast and accurate results, let us help.

While many people think that there are only a few species of mold that invade buildings, that is simply not the case. As with many microscopic and tiny organisms, there are species ranging from essentially benign (if you don’t inhale them) to those that are incredibly dangerous. Some of them can cause respiratory and other health problems, leading to long-term medical needs, or even resulting in death.

This can be a frightening prospect, which is the reason that you need to hire a mold testing and remediation service provider quickly. The problem can be treated without mold testing. Just like any other invasive species in your home, this step is vital to remove the mold. Knowing the type of mold and the count is typically not needed. The end result is removal. No matter the type of mold in your property.

Your pest control team can determine the type of rodent dwelling in your crawl spaces, we do the same with your mold. Although you might think that you recognize the mold as a particular type, that is not sufficient assurance. A mold testing Provo Utah provider is necessary to properly identify the species.

However, our Provo specialists are well trained in the proper protocol for removing mold samples for testing. This is one option for you to begin identifying these little organisms in your home.

Our mold testing Provo Utah services are competitively priced, so you need not worry about paying too much for this test. All of our services are designed to be affordable while not sacrificing the high quality that we have built our reputation on.

It is important that you don’t disturb the mold once you have discovered it. Instead, keep pets and people away from the area. If possible, block off any ventilation ducts that are in the room. However, if this requires you to stir up some of the mold, you should skip this step. Allow our professionals to help you instead.

For buildings that have sat unused for a while, it is highly possible that mold is growing in multiple locations. If that is the case, you will need to have samples taken from each site. Our technicians will label each one so that we can use the best approach to eradicating the mold.

Once our technicians have collected and labeled all of the mold samples, we will send the samples to a special laboratory that provides top of the line mold analysis. During the process, the lab will not only identify the type of mold spores that are present, they will count them as well. Because of the way the testing process goes, this can help us understand the extent of the invasion.

After the spores have been identified properly and the potential extent of the damage determined, we can help remove the mold from your home without spreading them into other regions. Our specialized equipment and highly-trained staff can ensure that the mold spores are no longer lingering in hidden corners of your property. Contact us today for a consultation and to arrange for your mold testing.

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