Utah Disaster Cleanup

Utah Disaster Cleanup

What To Expect From Professional Utah Disaster Cleanup

Homes all throughout Utah are ravished by disasters each and every year. Some of these disasters are from nature and others are man made and others are just random events, but the results are always devastating and usually heartbreaking. These disasters cost homeowners billions of dollars in damage throughout the country. Hail damage alone has cost the country more than a billion dollars in the last year.

Luckily, you don’t have to deal with these disasters by yourself. Whether mold, fire, or water, we stand ready to help with professional Utah disaster cleanup services. We’ll work with you to assess the damage, itemize materials, create a plan, and then execute that plan. The biggest mistake you can make is waiting when you should act immediately.

We can help with just about any type of disaster cleanup or damage repair you can imagine. Below are just a couple of the services we offer.

Getting Rid Of Mold

One of the most common, yet potentially severe, problems addressed by our Utah disaster cleanup team is mold in the home. If ignored, mold can not only lead to serious damage of the home, but it can seriously damage your health as well. There are a lot of varieties and species of mold. Some of them, such as black mold, pose a threat to humans. Almost all of them pose a threat to the integrity and foundation of your home.

Mold cleanup and remediation should follow established standards and guidelines for this disaster cleanup service. Mold removal will often not be covered by insurance. We will consult with you about the cause of the mold and the cleanup and repairs that will be necessary. If insurance coverage is an option we will advise you on when and how to report the claim to your insurance company.

How The Mold Removal Process Works

The determining factors in how the mold is handled will be the size of the mold (how far it has spread), where the mold has spread, the type of mold, and any other damage that might exist in the home, such as water damage, which often accompany mold.

Many factors are considered when determining the extent of the mold removal and cleanup protocol. Utah disaster cleanup specialists will investigate the damage and consult with you to recommend the correct and safe steps to take with the mold cleanup.

Once it’s spread beyond 10 sq. ft or has spread into multiple rooms, more serious techniques and tools are required to do the job. Rooms will be sectioned off using plastic and tape. The plastic will stop airborne mold from spreading to new rooms during the cleaning process. High-grade HEPA air filters are used to continually remove mold spores from the air.

Utah disaster cleanup specialists will also use biocides and cleaners to remove mold from non-porous surfaces. Most porous surfaces that have been affected will need to be removed and replaced. Our specialists will protect themselves using approved personal protective equipment, such as goggles, respirators, and disposable clothing.

Flood & Water Damage Cleanup

Another extremely common service is flood damage cleanup. This is particularly nasty because it entails water damage, flooded rooms, and usually brings mold with it if not cleaned and dried immediately. You obviously shouldn’t wait to contact an emergency cleanup service before calling your insurance to prevent more damage.

Water damage is typically placed in one of three categories with category one being the least harmful and category three being the most severe. The first category usually comes from burst or leaking pipes. It may be the least severe, but it still poses many of the same threats to your home. The water can damage the foundation and lead to mold. Stagnant water is also a breeding ground for all sorts of potentially dangerous bacteria.

Not only does sitting water increase the likelihood of mold development, but it also leads to more serious damage to the materials of the home, thus increasing the cost of repairs. Time also allows the water to become more unsanitary. For example, class two water damage can become class three if it has remained stagnant for several days. Don’t delay, call Utah Disaster Specialists for any water damage or flood cleanup needs without delay. We will inspect and advise you to minimize the damage and the costs.

Fire Damage Cleanup

Another necessary disaster cleanup service is fire and smoke damage. Though less common than flood and mold damage, fire damage disaster cleanup can be severe. The fire damage also can get worse as time passes if water was used to put out the fire. Fire damage poses the greatest risk to the structural integrity of the home. It only takes one beam being burned through to put the entire home and everyone inside at risk.

Fire damage cleanup should always include smoke damage as well. Smoke may not seem particularly hazardous, but it’s difficult to remove and can leave a lingering odor in the home that won’t dissipate for many years to come.

Fire damage is often accompanied by water damage. If you have fore or smoke damage, don’t delay call Utah disaster cleanup specialists. We will assess the damage, describe the disaster cleanup steps and also advise on contacting the insurance company.

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