Utah Disaster Cleanup

Utah Flooded Basement Cleanup

One of the most difficult areas to clean after a house has experienced flooding is the basement area of any home. Whether this is a large basement area, or even a small one, it is logistically a difficult room to remove water from. If there was significant flooding, where the water has gone up over a foot, you can use buckets to remove water on your own. Unfortunately, it will become virtually impossible using conventional means to remove all of the water, as well as dry out the saturated wood and sheetrock that may also be down in the basement unless you have the right tools and machinery. That is why it is important to contact a company like Utah Disaster Specialists that specializes in restoring homes after flooding has occurred. If you are in the state of Utah, here are a few tips on how to choose the right Utah flooded basement cleanup company, and also an overview of the restoration process.

How The Cleanup Process Works

Once the flooding has stopped, which may be the result of a broken water main, or natural flooding, a professional cleanup crew should come out with a team of people and equipment to remove the water right away. The first thing that will be set up a sump pump, usually through one of the small windows at the top of the basement walls, where the water can be quickly pumped out so as to minimize the damage. The longer that water sits, the more likely it is that it will saturate deep into the material in the basement, leading to potential problems such as dry rot and mold. This can be very expensive to repair, not only for the cost of the lumber and sheetrock, but paying the professional construction team that will have to come into complete this type of project. Most industrial sump pumps can take out over 100 gallons per minute, which is why you should call a professional. Once the water is removed, they will then move to the second stage of the cleanup process which is drying the basement area.

Drying The Basement

This is done using a couple different pieces of equipment including high-powered fans and industrial heaters. The fans are used to blow the moisture out of the basement area as the heaters cause it to evaporate. These may be used simultaneously, or perhaps they will use the heaters initially and then bring the fans in at a later time. It depends upon the strategy that the Utah flooded basement cleanup crew will use when they come to your location. This process may take several days, depending upon how much lumber is in the basement area. Once the process is complete, they will move to the third stage of the cleanup which is to check for mold.

Final Inspections

Black mold is one of the most dangerous types of mold that can form, and it can grow very quickly. This is particularly true in a basement area which will provide it with the most opportune environment. Within 48 hours, with access to moisture and the cellulose in the woods, this mold can quickly begin to spread. It can be observed as black splotches on the walls, and if it is left for too long, the spores can become airborne. Spores can lead to the possibility of respiratory problems for you and your family. If mold is detected, they will use a variety of treatments to eliminate the mold, and of course test to see if any spores are in the air as they complete the job. They may use chemicals such as ammonia or bleach to completely eliminate the black mold, chemicals that have a very high success rate. They will also check the wood and sheetrock to see if there is the potential for developing dry rot, or if the material needs to be removed. This usually requires working with a contractor that can replace the damaged material, or it may be something that you can do on your own. The decisions that will be made, the ones that will save you the most money, can easily be determined if you decide to give the Utah Disaster Specialists a call.

The Best Utah Flooded Basement Cleanup Experts

If you want the best flooded basement cleanup company located in northern Utah, you need to contact the Utah Disaster Specialists. This is a business that comes highly recommended because of the top quality work and results that they provide. If you happen to be in or around Centerville, Utah, and you have recently experienced flooding, this is the company that you should call right away so that they can remove all of the standing water from your basement, dry everything out, and make sure that mold cannot develop. They also offer many other services including fire and smoke damage cleanup and air duct cleaning. This company has been serving the Centerville community for many years. If you ever have flooding in your home, and it has resulted in standing water in your basement, you should call the Utah Disaster Specialists if your home ever floods.