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Utah Wet Carpet Cleanup Services

Do you have wet carpet in the buildings of your commercial or residential property? Whether you have just noticed a small amount in a remote location of your home or your entire business has been flooded, you need to let us provide you with excellent Utah wet carpet cleanup services immediately. The longer you wait, the more damage the building will have.

The process for handling wet carpets will vary for you, depending greatly upon how it became wet. If the water came from a backed up sewer system or a flood in your area, it will contain all types of bacteria and dangerous microscopic organisms. You and the other people who use the building should get out and contact Utah Disaster Specialists right away.

Our experts technicians will remove all of the water in your home or office building and ensure that the property is properly sanitized before you and your family or employees reenter. The dangerous waters in flooding and backed up sewer lines are among the worst that your property can sustain. Due to the toxicity, many of the things inside will have to be discarded.

However, you should not take this to mean that you can ignore water from another occurrence, such as a busted water line or a malfunctioning appliance. Left untreated, you may experience a variety of troubles, including black mold and damage to the foundation of the building.

The first thing that you should do is cut off the water source that is causing the wet carpeting. You may be able to turn off the leak on a toilet, dishwasher or some other appliances. If the water is from a pipe or you cannot turn it off locally, you will need to go to the main water supply. This should prevent any additional water and minimize the damage that is being done.

If your Utah wet carpet cleanup needs are related to a smaller leak that has been undetected for some time, you should not attempt to clean it up yourself. There may be mold, mildew or other toxins you do not want spreading. Not only that, small bugs may have moved into the moist environment.

These occurrences are usually found in rooms that are not used very often, such as the guest room and bathroom, the basement or even an attic. Sometimes, the water has accumulated behind a large piece of furniture, and nobody notices until the item is moved for cleaning. Also, the leak may spread beyond the cover of the couch or the area may begin to smell.

While wet carpets are frequently related to natural disasters or broken plumbing, it can also happen due to humidity. This is yet another reason that you should make sure you maintain a proper humidity throughout all of your buildings.

The moisture that accumulates on exterior walls and windows can leak down into the carpet. If your roof is in disrepair, water could be leaking inside your walls and causing damage to your floors and carpets.

In areas where the water has been sitting a long time and is not currently leaking, you should leave everything alone. However, if the water damage just occurred, you may want to remove important items and use proper methods to dry them. Many things may be salvageable if you move quickly and follow safe procedures for getting them dried quickly.

If possible, use your cell phone or tablet to take pictures of the area. Though we will also take pictures, the insurance companies like to see ones taken by the property owner as well.

It may be possible for you to reduce some of the damage to your belongings if the water is not very deep in the room. Use either heavy duty aluminum foil or a couple of layers of regular foil to place beneath the legs of your furnishings. This should provide a sufficient barrier from the water and prevent any further wicking.

Once our Utah wet carpet cleanup technicians arrive, they will make a complete assessment of the damage that has been done. We will provide you with the information along with an estimate of what it will take for it to be repaired. Then, we will begin the process of water extraction with our professional grade equipment. Afterward, we will do what is necessary to dry and sanitize everything that was damaged by the water.

Though you may be tempted to put off having the area cleaned, particularly if it is in a remote location. However, your foundation, walls, floors and belongings are at risk of rotting or attracting microscopic organisms and little bugs that will appreciate the undisturbed moist environment.

Contact us today at Utah Disaster Specialists to arrange a consultation appointment for your wet carpeting.