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What to Expect from Water Damage Cleanup Ogden Utah

Homes can see water damage from many surprising sources and applying a fast reaction is crucial to avoiding any further deterioration. From a heavy snowfall and blocked storm drains to the very messy threat of backed up dishwashers, the situations can be varied and each requires a precision response from the experts in water damage cleanup Ogden Utah.

Water from rain and busted pipes is relatively clean, and even though a speedy response is required to avoid this from soaking into the inner structures of the home it is just water. When the water comes from the drainage system it could be classified as “gray”, the water from sinks, showers and washers, or “black”, water that is corrupted with fecal matter and harsh chemicals.

Being able to deliver a fast and effective response is crucial to avoiding residual health hazards left by unclean water floods. Water damage is considered such a serious situation, that your insurance company will not require you to contact their adjusters before seeking out proper remediation.

Should I call my Insurance Provider to Survey the Damage?

Water damage is especially destructive and can have many future health implications for those living in the home. The dangers are compounded by contaminated water and for this reason, you should call us first.

We will dispatch our service crew to address your situation and help you handle all insurance related business. Insurance terms and policies are very technical and saying the wrong thing can get your claim denied. Better call the specialists first, allow us to get the task of restoring your home underway and we will lend you some experience in getting the best from your insurance policy.

Our Special Brand of Water Damage Cleanup Ogden Utah

Water seeping into the home brings with it the promise of warping wood, blistering wallpaper and the threats of disease and contamination too. It does not take water long to act either and within hours it can soak through your homes infrastructure damaging drywall and woodwork and creating some costly repair work for you in the future.

This is something we are aware of and this is why we have a response at the ready. Any time of day or night, when you call we will send out a skilled team of water remediation professionals to perform a quality service. Following are the important steps in our effective and proven water damage cleanup process.

Our Special Brand of Water Damage Cleanup Ogden Utah

1. Stem the flood and Contain the Damage

Once on site we will waste no time in containing the problem with bin, bag and bund. We know how water works and what elements of your home and property are most vulnerable, within minutes we will have the situation under control and all the belongings high and dry.

2. Addressing the Contamination

Once everything has been safely removed from the area of operations we will begin the process of removing the water and addressing the contamination as extensive as it may be. From smaller tasks contained to a corner of the home to much larger areas, we have the experience to complete this phase before more damage is done.

3. Drying and Ventilating

Removing the water is not complete till every last wooden board is as dry as cracker dust. We have very large air movers and absorbent compounds that can be applied to expediting the process. If the contamination from black and gray water is present, we will also have to clean the area thoroughly and remove all possible elements of molds and contaminants.

4. Cleaning and Sanitizing

After the water is gone we will perform a final clean up and wipe down to ensure there are no mold spore, bacteria, viruses and any other microbes that could lay latent and cause sickness further down the line. Be sure to inquire about our ongoing inspection and guidance services.

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